Winning together:

Iqony successfully operates wind farms in France

Great things are done together: Iqony planned and built the wind farms in the French towns of Woelfling and Cormainville in close cooperation with the local communities – in an interview, the two mayors talk about working together with Iqony.

Every large wind farm project triggers questions for the local community concerned. For Iqony, it is crucial to involve the residents right from the start, to communicate openly and transparently, and to work as closely as possible with the people and the official bodies during planning, approval and operation.

Inspiring the people
“The population is proud that we produce clean energy,” reports Michael Weber, mayor of the municipality of Woelfling-lès-Sarreguemines. Together with Iqony, he informed the population comprehensively before construction began, thus eliminating any concerns. And of course they still work closely together today:

“Interaction is constant. We feel fully integrated into the wind farm, and its success is our success too!”

Jean-Luc Legrand, mayor of Cormainville, sees things similarly. “You can really talk about a partnership between the town and Iqony. We are always informed about the operations on site. There are contacts who are always available and listen to us when we need them, which is very important."


At the Woelfling site, the residents, farmers and local authority representatives are also proud to have worked with Iqony to develop and test measures to protect red kites.

Any time again
Today, both wind farms are running highly successfully. The people in both communities are happy to make their contribution to the energy transition – and both mayors would also do it all again at any time. “Of course!” answers Jean-Luc Legrand when asked if he would carry out a project with Iqony again – and Michael Weber would also “partner up again without a doubt.”