New energy and a breath of fresh air for municipalities, investors and landowners

At Iqony, we have been planning, building and operating wind farms in Europe since 2010. We currently own and operate a total of 18 onshore wind farms with a clear growth target to drive the energy transition forward.

We believe in new – and are making the energy transition feasible for you, too.

Our plants will save 700,000 tons of CO2 per year by 2030.

Our multidisciplinary team combines over 100 years of collective project development expertise, smart operations management and close local relationships with our project partners.

profitable high-performance portfolio
wind capacity in an advanced stage of project development
planned growth

On an equal footing – right from the start

Every project begins with the selection of the right site. We have digitalized this process, enabling us to provide potential partners such as municipalities, residents and authorities with valuable insights into the development of the wind farm. Local acceptance is important to us right from the start. After all, we want to produce sustainable electricity economically for 20 years. By the way, we involve our partners in the success of the project.

Many stakeholders, one contact

Independent experts assess the suitability of our sites on the basis of external studies. Once approval has been granted, preparations begin for the construction of the wind farm. We conclude contracts with leading manufacturers and local companies. Our team manages the construction progress from the groundbreaking ceremony onwards and remains the continued contact for local residents and authorities. By the way, we invest ourselves and are the owner of the wind farms for a long time.

Green electricity – as much as possible

Our experienced asset management team ensures that our wind turbines do what they are supposed to do: generate green electricty as reliably and profitably as possible. The availability of our wind farms is above average as we leverage innovative technologies and smart digital solutions. We are not the only ones to benefit from that. Local authorities, landowners and co-investors also enjoy high returns because they share in the success.

Project development

  • Site assessment taking into account nature, the environment and infrastructure
  • Micrositing and detailed wind farm design and optimization
  • Coordination and commissioning of studies necessary for the permit application
  • Development of financing concepts and participation models
  • Evaluation and acquisition of pre-developed wind farm projects

Construction and implementation

  • Commissioning of leading wind turbine manufacturers and local companies
  • Conclusion of contracts for electricity marketing
  • Technical and commercial management of the construction process
  • Site and commissioning coordination

Operation and optimization

  • Technical and commercial management
  • Control and monitoring of service providers
  • Optimization of wind turbine performance
  • Evaluation and implementation of revenue enhancing measures
  • Monitoring and development of profitable power marketing strategies

Successfully generate and decarbonize energy with Iqony.

Use of the latest technologies and digital solutions is best practice for us.

We focus on sustainable growth in Europe for the expansion of energy from renewables.

Our investors benefit from high availability and significant profitability.

No matter whether you are a municipality, investor or landowner - we will develop your wind project together with you.

Our team

We are an international, multidisciplinary team, practicing flat hierarchies and sharing a strong passion for renewable energies.

We have been developing and operating wind farms in Europe for more than 13 years – in harmony with nature and the environment. Local acceptance and the long-term success of our projects are particularly important to us.

With over 100 years of collective project development expertise, we maintain close local relationships with our project partners and create the conditions for profitable wind farms in Germany and France.

We are part of a fully vertically integrated energy company and benefit from its broad expertise in power marketing, procurement, and financing.

We rely on digital solutions and innovative technologies to manage and optimize our farms and foster a mentality of responsibility for growth and the long-term profitability of our business.

We are committed to making a significant contribution with innovative wind projects to the success of the energy transition in Europe.


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