Digital analysis of potential wind turbine sites

Perfect location right at the fingertips

The perfect location for a new wind turbine depends on a variety of factors. The criteria range from wind speed at hub height, to minimum distances from important infrastructure, to military aviation concerns. With the Iqony Wind Scouting Dashboard, we can match all the important variables, virtually at the touch of a button.

The technology is based on a high-resolution wind atlas. There, all the regions in which attractive wind conditions can be expected are automatically filtered out. These areas are then systematically analyzed – with the aid of sophisticated geographic information systems (GIS).

Optimized database
Our own database serves as the basis. Among other things, it includes details of conservation areas, distances to residential areas and infrastructure, and the concerns of both civil and military aviation.

“Wind turbines that have already been built, and planned or rejected projects, can also be found in the database.”

Crucially, this data is constantly updated and optimized. Data management based on a centralized geodatabase assures the quality of the process – and ensures planning reliability and successful projects right from the start.

Soft factors
In addition to all these hard facts, there are always “soft” criteria which are decisive for the success of a project. That’s why we always include things like the impact on the landscape or the saturation of the region with existing wind turbines in the analysis – so residents and local decision-makers can be involved in the development of every wind project from the very beginning.

At the outset of project planning, we seek contact with the relevant authorities and local committees in order to incorporate local requirements. In direct contact with environmental protection experts, we clarify supposed conflicts of interest and expand the discussion to include, for example, innovative solutions for species protection.

Incidentally, the suitability of the sites we identify is reviewed by independent experts in preparation for and ultimately in the actual approval process.